Cinehive: Assisting Digital Media productions with Cloud-Based Technology

CIO Vendor With the growth of digital media, the technological complexity behind the scenes has also grown. Along with the tech complexities, the rapid growth of OTT platforms has created a significant new revenue stream for the film industry. Cinehive works as an end-to-end digital media solutions provider for filmmakers and content creators allowing them to spend their energies on the creative process, rather than handling technology. Securely Store Access Process Collaborate & Archive Digital Media the Next Gen Way.

Cinehive’s one-stop platform offers data management, collaborative workflow, editing, streaming, and archival solutions particularly designed for filmmaking. His background as a filmmaker and a technologist allowed Prabhu B Doss, the CEO and Founder of Cinehive to revolutionize the production workflow of digital filmmaking.

CineHive was built based on deep insights into how a film crew interacts, collaborates, and shares work and how they preserve and manage film footage , assets and other data. “Our solutions are designed to create the next level of engagement and interactive digital workflow for film production that can engage spaces and visualise the probable future changes,” says Prabhu Doss.

Cinehive’s mobile and desktop app called CINELAB also enable secure collaboration between all stakeholders in the film making process, which improves efficiency and reduce cycle times while working on the digital assets of the film/content. Using their app, a film crew can view, edit, and share files with the project team on the go 24/7. The media files including dailies and soundtracks are transcoded and streamed through an adaptive streaming technology to any mobile/desktop device.

The Cinelab app has 2 layer secured access with encryption and integrated audit logs, and notifications on different kinds of activities throughout the life cycle of a film. The Cinelab app enables the users to watch dailies / rushes in a safe and secure way.

The Cinelab app also has a white-labelled, customizable cloud video editing platform that supports frame-level cut, multi-track editing, video
templates, effects and transitions, web/ mobile import and export in addition to standard features. The company also provides high-value crew stakeholders like Cinematographer, Director, Editor, and Music composer instant access to the daily proceedings of any film project to get real-time recommendations and feedback. Cinehive’s workflow creates synergy between all technicians like directors, cinematographers and editors in delivering the product more effectively.

Cinehive has worked over 100 plus projects covering hindi, tamil, malayalam and telugu Industry. Cinehive has data centres and disaster recovery nodes in Chennai and two more in undisclosed locations. Cinehive has processed shoot data (RAW files of all major cinema cameras like ARRI, RED, Phantom, Sony and Panasonic) - over 10 petabyte till date and supported content creators on both national and international requirements.

Cinehive’s one-stop platform offers data management, collaborative workflow, editing, streaming, and archival solutions particularly designed for filmmaking

Cinehive has plans to establish its presence in all major regional film industries - Telugu ,Malayalam, Kannada and explore international markets in the next 750 days. Being a pioneer in this field, Cinehive already have an array of features and services to be released for the next phase.

Over the last 4 years Cinehive has been chosen as a trusted partner by clients including over 20 large production houses, 50 individual film producers to manage their digital assets of the film. Cinehive has deservedly positioned as the one-point hub for our clients to transact with post-production companies, theatrical release and OTT streaming platforms and focus on their respective job of making films.

Cinehive’s vision is to become a leader in providing state-of-the-art-media/ cinema asset Management, work flow and archival solutions for film industries and content creators all over the world.