Multi - Channel Attribution In Walled - Gardens Era

Giorgio Suighi, Regional Head of Data and Analytics, GroupM

Future Of Smart Applications Driven By Cloud And Digital Transformation

Ramachandran Padmanabhan (Ramu), Global Head, Cloud Applications and Next Gen Platforms, Wipro Ltd.

Future of Movie Theatre Business in India

Dina Mukherjee, CMO, Carnival Cinemas

How Digital has Given Birth to Radio 2.0

Atul Razdan, National Programming Head, 92.7 Big FM

The Disruptive Potential of Blockchain in Media and Entertainment

Damodar Sahu, Consulting Partner & Head, Wipro

Social Listening Being Used to Analyze Audience Reaction in Movies Today

Sameer Narkar, Founder, Director and Chief Software Architect, Konnect Insights

Social Media Analytics in the Banking Industry: How can it improve the bottom line

S. Ganesh, CEO & MD, Dun & Bradstreet Technologies and Data Services

Improving customer experience with a dedicated approach

Nitin Singhal, Senior Director, CX Solutions, Oracle India
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