U-TO Solutions: Leading the Broadcasting Television Space with Cutting-Edge Solutions

Dheeraj Lilani, Chief Business Officer

The new era of digitization is settingthe foundation for the Indian Broadcasting sector as government policies mandate the digitisation of cable, entertainment and information platforms. Global players in the media domain need to equip themselves with content and services that benefit as well as engage their target audience. However, most players in this segment offer fragmented solutions and services targeted towards specific requirements. Such fragmentation causes an escalation in IT investments and most organizations do not have the bandwidth to manage multiple platforms.

Standing apart from this mainstream approach in the market and carving a niche for themselves in the broadcasting & media space is U-TO Solutions, an industry-leading software solutions company known for its innovative technology products that increase operational efficiency with cost effectiveness. Throughout the company's history, U-TO's team of innovators have anticipated business trends and reinvented solution offerings, enabling clients to remain a step ahead. Headquartered in Mumbai, U-TO offers a comprehensive suite of end-to-end solutions and services including­ RightsU (Content Rights & Licensing Platform for Intellectual Property Management), Broad View (Broadcast Management for Linear & amp; On Demand), AdsValU (Airtime & Ad Sales Proposal Management System) and PlanItU (Program Planning powered by Predictive Analysis).

A company’s primary value lies in its intellectual assets. The Media & Entertainment business landscape has been constantly evolving since OTT emergence. Today, Consumers seek out what they want, when they want it, toggling between devices, juggling time slots, and choosing from streamed, stored, and broadcasted content. Need for a robust rights management
solution is being felt strongly across the industry. It has evolved from being merely a licensing function to a key tactical differentiator aiming to ensure value generation across the Content food chain from inception to consumption. Rights is treated as a strategic investment, leading to an overall change in business perspective.

"We have worked keenly in exploiting and managing digital data in an operations ecosystem so that RightsU addresses scenarios with intelligence and analytics resulting in business efficiency," adds Dheeraj Lilani, Chief Business Officer at U-TO Solutions.

In the business for over 15 years, the company has scaled newer heights while expanding it's solution offerings. U-TO's recent innovation is AdsValU, a tool that overlooks presales in the Ad Sales landscape and ensures its efficiency while assisting a broadcaster to optimize the yield from the ad inventorywhile simultaneously maintaining Advertiser goals. In essence, it has been designed and developed as a yield optimization solution built using Data Science and mathematical algorithms leveraged on Audience measurement and historical analysis of the Channel performance.

"The customer experiences a significant enhancement in the way they conduct their business using AdsValU as against a manual process because the tool helps themto stay true to Channel goals while encompassing Advertiser needs, giving it the right measure as to what needs to be delivered. Our roadmap is to take this tool to servicing as well spot placement solutions which would cover the holistic view of the sales cycle for a broadcaster," reveals Dheeraj.

Dheeraj himself leads a team that caters to the product offerings. These solutions have been implemented across the globe throughout India, Middle East, North Africa and South East Asia.

With a broad spectrum of advancing technologies like blockchain, AI and ML penetrating into the market, Dheeraj mentions that U-TO Solutions shows promise of a bright future for the next five years ranging from managing content to managing operations to making its solutions more analytical and insightful, to targeting new customer segments; whether these are individual content players in a B2C market or a B2B market. He also adds, "We are looking at expanding our tool sets to the Cloud and also focussing on tier 2 Customer needs across Broad cast operations through Linear & On Demand, Rights management, Sales lifecycles and other aspects".