Q Live Technologies: Delivering Reliable, Cost-effective and Complete System Integration solutions

Manish V Unniadan, Director of Operations

The Media and Entertainment industry is one of the fastest growing industries in India. However,despite various technological advancements and automated systems used in broadcasting, organizations still invest in human resources/man power to control these systems. This is because they are either unaware of the benefits that the equipment provides or the system has not been integrated effectively, which would result in significant increase in cost and resource consumption. Hence, they are looking for solution providers who would help them in understanding the benefits of these systems and also provide them complete and cost effective solutions.

Acknowledging these requirements, Kochi headquartered Qaid Live Media Private Limited provides fool proof, reliable, costeffective and complete System Integrations solution and services. The company also provides 24/7 online and offline support to its clients, so that they can run their business operations smoothly. Q Live Technologies with its team of experienced engineers provides customized services according to the customers' requirements for any type of infrastructure. The company trains and educates its clients so that they would be able to avail all the benefits of the system integration and also increase their profits.
"Quality is the most important factor to us. QLive's core objective is to develop quality technology solutions and also provide reliable support for organizations," affirms Manish V Unniadan, Director of Operations, Q Live Technologies.

Scientific Approach and Step by Step Process
The reason why System Integration is crucial for any company is that it ensures seamless data connectivity, reduces the number of errors and improves both internal workflow of organizations and the prospects of companies in the market. Q Live Technologies offers complete system integration services in broadcasting, AV and networking areas. The company begins its projects with a scientific approach and a step by step process where the team first visits the client's site that is being studied and makes analysis based on the seating capacity and requirements. This helps them to decide the budget and necessary equipment suitable for the site.

"Quality is the most important factor to us. Q Live’s core objective is to develop quality technology solutions and also provide reliable support for organizations"

Being run by engineers, who have hands on experience on all the systems that are currently installed and integrated by Q Live, it gives the company a fair advantage of knowing what exactly the clients require based on its scientific calculations. Q Live provides wide range of services from Audio Visual to IT and Integration to Event support which is provided by very few organizations in the country. The company is well known among its clients for its Deliver-on-time services and assured minimum response time. Q Live is also an authorized dealer of major Audio Visual and IT brand products across the globe.

The company is currently working with the integration of the upcoming satellite channel projects in India and Africa. Apart from channels, it is also working on audio video projects for different profiles across India. Moving forward, Q Live plans to expand its operations across Middle East and Africa.