Theorem - Aligning Digital Media Market with Audience Personas

CIO Vendor Digital content consumption has shifted the marketing landscape from conventional to digital. This shift has allowed digital marketing to achieve business benefits at unparalleled levels. With its reach across all sizes of businesses and access to global targeted audience at affordable prices, digital marketing is all set to become truly personalized. Based in USA and with 7 offices across 5 continents, global digital marketing services and solution provider –Theorem Inc., defines business goals and objectives, strategizes and executes high-performing digital marketing campaigns for brands, advertisers, publishers and technology providers. An IAB Ad Operations, ISO 9001 and ISMS27001 certified organization, Theorem with 1,000+ digital marketing professionals, monetizes content in various forms; native, video and broadcasting to various audiences while focusing on market response time.

inovus – the Delivery Arm of Theorem
Theorem encompasses optimization, performance measurement, automation, digital operations, and analytics under one roof of ‘inovus’ – a comprehensive digital marketing lifecycle product. The product suite consists of inovus Analyze, inovus Automate and inovus Optimize, which effectively addresses ever changing needs of the market. Being data driven, the marketing strategies are increasingly using customer information for targeted media buying that needs the expertise of inovus Analyze.

This SaaS based ‘big data warehouse and analytical platform’, which connects to more than 150 AdTech and MarTech platforms, collects and processes real-time Omni-channel data, and provides critical strategic insights for real-time decision making.
The inovus Automate meanwhile improves operational efficiencies in execution of digital campaigns. The final delivery arm, inovus Optimize, is a product that enables publishers to measure Ad frauds, Ad blocking, user behaviour and ‘sell-through rates’ with remedies to improve overall speed-to-market, derive maximum value and higher ROI.

Theorem encompasses optimization, performance measurement, automation, digital operations, and analytics under one roof of ‘inovus’

Along with a comprehensive ‘people first’ marketing strategy, Theorem helps media companies to classify content and map it to their audience to create better advertising products and inventory packages. The company implements and integrates Data Management Platforms (DMPs) for better business outcomes. “To get higher eCPM rates from direct sales, header bidding and RTB,” says Bhaskar Kalale, Senior Vice President, Theorem Inc, “accurate user profiling is required, for which you must integrate a DMP with your AdTech ecosystem”.

Reaching Changing Audience Personas
Meaning to spearhead the digital marketing solutions market, Theorem is helping its clients expand their audience reach and deliver to changing personas. With 15 years history of delivering measurable results, the company is converging proprietary advisory frameworks with innovative solutions. Through Theorem’s Advisory and consulting services, the task of identifying the business challenges takes a further leap forward. With a firm belief that AI and automation will soon enable the market to operate at different strata, Theorem is moving ahead through its continuous evolution of matured technology solutions, product lines and services.