PLANETCAST: Empowering Organizations with Next-generation Media Broadcasting Solutions

Mahendra Nath Vyas, Executive Director

The rapid advances in digital content processing, the internet, IT and cloud technologies are allowing content creators and distributors in the media and entertainment industry to work more closely and effectively to provide consumers an ever increasing array of options. However, in today's dynamic business environment, media and entertainment companies need to be extremely flexible and efficient throughout the whole cycle of creation, management, and distribution of content in order to align with the ever changing needs of customers. Moreover, with resources becoming more limited and expensive, and with the emergence of varied new distribution channels and disruptive technologies, content acquiring, storing, editing, transcoding and sharing has become a very complex process. Additionally, organizations also face challenges in processing for on OTT ecosystem with the emergence of unpredictable process volumes, broader ecosystems, larger and evolving sets of formats, Codec and DRM Schemes and requirements for globally distributed end-points and monitoring.

Perfectly understanding these challenges, Noida headquartered PLANETCAST Media Services Ltd. steps forward to address them with a complete set of technologyled managed services for the media and broadcasting industry. Founded in 1996, PLANETCAST has been focused on providing comprehensive, customized solutions across content management operations and distribution. Having catered extensively to the outsourced distribution and playout services segment in India, the company offers end-to-end solutions across key segments of the broadcast content delivery chain. More over, PLANETCAST, with its affordable
solutions, has also been enabling global enterprises to make their operations as efficient and cost-effective as possible, thereby unleashing new potential within organizations.

"Since PLANETCAST was formed, we've focused not only on making the technology reachable for the media and broadcasting market but also on simplifying and customizing it for the purpose of each and every workflow," explains Mahendra Nath Vyas, Executive Director. "We've developed a one-of-a-kind system with innovative features, interoperability, format agnostic workflows and specific customizations, which has contributed to the growth for our customers," he adds.

The company's expansive portfolio of service offerings includes media broadcasting, teleporting, content management, pre and post production, and distribution for multi platform/multi devices along with satellite based telecom services and mobile connectivity via DSNG vans.

When it comes to Content Management, PLANETCAST provides Cloud-based Content Management services with a robust architecture of cloud, covering the digital media ecosystem from acquisition, production management, curating/post production and content management to formatting/transcoding, and distribution across a variety of devices for monetisation of all kinds of content. These distribution services are provided via Satellite, landlines/internet as well as on the Cloud. The company has also unfolded a new paradigm in OTT services with an excellent OTT platform that helps media customers in efficient distribution of content and monetisation of the same at various times and in various territories. Another speciality of PLANETCAST are its special purpose internet, SATCOM and Broadcast networks to assist in defense operations, security, infrastructure monitoring and management, water resource management, and smart cities applications.

Having catered to the diverse broadcasting and content management needs of the media industry over the past two decades, PLANETCAST has carved a niche for itself in this domain. Moving forward, the company has devised an elaborate blueprint for the future which involves the adoption of Cloud technology as well as leveraging its Singapore facility to target the Asia Pacific, SAARC, SEA, Middle East, and African markets in the upcoming future.