Contentsphere : Globally Resonating Product Experience Platform

CIO Vendor The ability to collaborate with multiple systems and provide rapid modelling without compromising consumer experience becomes the main strategy for innovating customer experience. In the Forrester Wave: Master Data Management Q1 2016, Forester points out that organizational needs are becoming more complex, with many firms tightly linking their MDM efforts to customer engagement and business processes. While data models are becoming more dimensional, data levels are growing deeper. As a result of the increasing complexity, Forester’s customer references tended to prefer contextual and analytic Master Data Management solutions over traditional MDM tools. A major contributor in the transformation of customer experience models has emerged in the MDM field. Headquartered in Baar, Switzerland, Contentsphere provides an integrated product experience platform which enables contextual, real-time, and targeted product information delivery to consumers via multiple channels including web, mobile, AR, and print. Ever since its inception in 2009, Contensphere has been empowering its clients with a far stretched portfolio of innovative and powerful solutions for contextual data management. With expertise in contextual Master Data Management, Product Information Management, and Marketing Content Management, Contentsphere brings customized solutions for data capturing, processing, managing, distributing and publishing to the ever-evolving consumer market.

The solutions Best-In-Breed Platform Architecture was made possible through the engineering of skilled it specialists of Contentsphere in India

With a motive to deliver quality products to the global market, CEO & Founder of Contentsphere, Armin Dressler, established a team in India. With his proven track record of entrepreneurship in the MDM and PIM space, Armin successfully put together a dream team of engineers in India in 2009. The India team acts as the backbone of Contentsphere’s global delivery, with account executives, and product management teams present across 17 international locations. Requirements get defined by senior leadership, seasoned industry account executives, and product managers in global offices with the support of India’s execution team. As the CEO states, “Through lean processes and well-defined structures, the organizational requirements get communicated with the team in India, where the ‘how to’ of products gets defined and Contentsphere’s state of the art solution ultimately gets crafted”.

Taking Shopping Experience to the Next Level
Along with building solutions and delivering on client requirements, Contentsphere has significantly invested in innovation and thought leadership. Years of research and development efforts led the company to develop a market ready Product Experience Platform in 2017. The Product Experience Platform is a global solution that mitigates various pain points of the consumer experience that are caused by siloed and unintegrated solutions. Contentsphere’s MDM-PIM-MCM solution bridges the gap between back-end ERP data and execution systems such as CRM, thereby addressing a number of industry issues that continue to disrupt and distress the retail enterprise. The Product Experience Platform strengthens retailers and brands by providing the right amount of contextual product information that is targeted to the right customer, at the right time. By employing these capabilities, Contentsphere promotes enhanced customer engagements while enabling brands to connect to their customers efficiently. The solutions best-in-breed platform architecture was made possible through the engineering of skilled IT specialists of Contentsphere in India.

Contextual Multi-Domain MDM
With the overwhelming amount of data being generated by various organizations, it has become imperative to find modified ways to deliver content to the right people at the right time in order to positively influence purchase decisions. Meaningfully contextualized and personalized messaging is essential in ensuring precise product presentation to ultimately provide an optimal digital customer experience for target groups. This becomes crucial, as good product communication creates an impact and forges strong brand identification.
By empowering content with context, Contentsphere enables brands and retailers to employ seamless contextualized product information to consumers while facilitating functionalities such as events, situations, topics, and other effective tagging options.

Contentsphere’s Contextual Multi-Domain MDM seamlessly combines the functionalities of PIM, DAM/MAM and MDM systems as well as those of a publishing and editing system in one single solution. All data sets can be provided for publication on all channels and at all touchpoints directly from the Contextual Multi-Domain MDM. Data sets like product information, master data, customer, supplier and location data etc., marketing content, editorial content and media assets. Furthermore, an integrated, powerful On-boarding Portal allows for the efficient integration of data from various sources like suppliers, manufacturers, and agencies. Despite the maximum personalization of messages and product presentation, the solution provider’s integrated data quality check further guarantees the consistency of information at all times,

Rest assured that all of Contentsphere’s solution capabilities are extremely user-friendly and easy to handle. Working with the Contextual Multi-Domain MDM and the On-boarding Portal is intuitive, does not require any time-consuming training, and it pays off. A range of preconfigured workflows, sophisticated functionalities, and templates ensure a rapid ROI. The solutions can quickly and conveniently be adapted to the user’s requirements as well as to the specific requirements of any industry. The architecture of the software is also designed for maximum scalability in a grid- based cloud environment.

All product information needs to be organized into product catalogues for merchandisers, product managers, and eventually consumers; however, data records from various suppliers often consist of different data quality standards. Understanding this industry challenge, Contentsphere’s solution permits the facilitation of organized and precise product information, ensuring product availability, accurate pricing, and categorization. To create brand awareness, marketers need a product information management solution in order to retain loyal customers and eliminate surplus inventory. This, in turn, can allow businesses to see an increase in customer engagement. This Product Experience Platform facilitates data stewards, merchandisers, and marketers to collaborate and work together on a single platform.

Innovations Triggered by Values
Armin Dressler’s philosophy is to delegate and enable every single team member to take ownership and move forward, fast. He believes, and engrains in his team, that it is better to take action and accept the possibility of failing, rather than not taking any action at all. Having this assurance and directive, each individual at Contentsphere takes pride in being part of a global team and collaborate. According to Dressler, “Time zones and borders are nothing but enabling factors to keep the operations 24/7.”

Leveraging its close partnerships across its global teams along with the uninterrupted support of India’s execution team, Contentsphere renders the best in class innovative and market ready solutions. The brand’s implementation partners play a crucial role in the delivery of solutions, ultimately allowing teams to focus on their core product development. At the same time, the development and quality assurance teams provide support for the subsidiaries located in international hubs such as the Silicon Valley, Sydney, Paris, and Munich. Dressler and the team have expanded the Contentsphere brand into all corners of the world by establishing a prominent global presence. The team’s capability in innovation, processing, and delivering a comprehensive solution has escorted every product to success so far.

The Talent Search team in India continuously strives to on-board candidates who have the capability to take ownership and bear practical intelligence. The organization takes pride in hiring individuals who have the passion and drive to be a part of a global team that encourages collaboration and produces all-around high-quality products. Furthermore, Contentsphere counts on individual who are resilient and self-motivated, full of passion, and have perseverance to achieve long term goals. These best practices help ensure that every team member revitalizes the team emotionally and intellectually.

While building a strong IP for an optimal solution, the team emphasizes on collaborating closely with sister companies all across the globe. Within the clockwork of one year, the organization has planned to onboard more talent across the globe, specifically increasing the number of employees in the India office from 150 to 250. “A leader with an extensive international presence is assigned to help the team scale and ensure the expansion of current client deliverables”, hints Armin. Having played fair and well with retailers and brands, Contentsphere has works underway to offer a strong and meaningful product experience for the customers.