Chrome DM - Enabling Businesses Build Brand Identity through First Hand Quality Data

CIO Vendor There exists a daily pitched battle between the traditional content companies, distributors and technology companies for control of the viewing experience; and this drives innovation in business models. A powerful catalyst to these innovations, Noida headquartered Chrome Data Analytics and Media (Chrome DM) is a technology-driven market research firm with a pan-India on-ground presence. Being the distribution audit specialist in India, the company focuses on Distribution Monitoring, Distribution Analytics and Distribution Strategy. To let the figures talk, as of September 2017, the organization has a team of 650+ field staff, 150+ managerial staff and 450 tele-callers speaking over 22 languages to gather data from 6100 towns. With rich and longstanding experience with on-the-ground broadcasting and cable businesses, Chrome DM has a recorded history of delivering one of the most intuitively accurate and perfectly tailor-made solutions for consumer brands.

Over the years, Chrome DM has promptly kept pace with the advancement in data collection as well as television tracking technologies. With complete automation of backend television distribution infrastructure, Chrome Connect- Chrome DM’s marquee product, has made channel distribution auditing possible without any human intervention. Since the technology used is time and platform-agnostic, the client can access the relevant information ‘anytime anywhere’. Speed-to-market has often been a major pain point for companies and marketers which Chrome DM addresses through all of its products. For instance, its flagship product 10k having covered 10,000 respondents in flat 4 days has been a real blockbuster among brands.
Transparency in Distribution
Business owners and marketers often suffer from analysis paralysis. They have so many options for content distribution that they get stuck in a state of perpetual inaction. More so, skillful distribution, reach and the incremental increase in viewership helps both broadcasters as well as advertisers. Chrome DM’s Distribution Potential Index (DPI) captures the exact city-wise reach of a channel broken down to individual cable networks. This helps the channel to determine exactly which cities and head-ends down to the last cable operator it should prioritize and those that it should de-prioritize. Moreover, given the enormous number of cities and towns in India, it has been a consistent challenge for any broadcaster to know exactly which cities and at which headend levels their channels have been made available locally. To keep a check on this, Chrome Track 2.0 enables a broadcaster to view their and competitors’ exact distribution status in around 3,000 towns and 2,15,000 villages across India, at the click of a button. Chrome Track 2.0 addresses the Opportunity to See (OTS) aspect through three key parameters: number of subscribers attached to the headends, channel availability/non-availability at headend level, and package-wise channel availability at headend level.

Chrome DM has a recorded history of delivering one of the most intuitively accurate and perfectly tailor-made solutions for consumer brands

Taking a huge leap of efficiency in the audits part of the business and cutting overhead costs, Chrome DM has implemented automated processes in their operational ecosystem. Attending to similar other segments of growth, Chrome DM aims to become the go to agen-cy for any client seeking complete broadcasting/media/ advertising/market research solutions.