Clavis Technologies - Meeting Needs for the Content Publishing Industry

CIO Vendor The growth rate of mobile and tablet sales have greatly alleviated the hope that digital will be the next evolution in publishing that covers up the declining Media & Entertainment industry revenue. A strong shift to mobile is driving Digital Publishing demand. With publishers adapting their content to suit mobile platforms, India is witnessing an increased output across all digital formats. This has led to a spurt in online content – including a doubling in the number of videos being churned out, leading to an almost 150 percent jump in viewers. Supporting these phenomenal changes in content consumption trends is Noida headquartered Clavis Technologies Pvt. Ltd. The company’s expertise lies in digital publishing, mobile app development, and
automation software.

Clavis Technologies’ broad experience in automation and app development has allowed their client’s end users to interact with content more effectively. This includes videos, news, images, music, animations, surveys and e-learning. “We always start with the user experience and then work backward to build the apps and technology behind it”, explains Akal Sujlana, Director- Sales & Marketing, Clavis Technologies. In addition, Clavis keeps the team highly involved with the business aspects of the project. This allows them to give more valuable recommendations that support the client’s business goals. Moreover, expertise in iOS and Android platforms has enabled Clavis to reach a number of startups as well as established companies intending to break into the app market.

Developing Solutions
Addressing the key pain points of the industry via software for publishing automation, workflow and digital content have helped Clavis focus deeper on their core-competence. From the development of apps, plug-ins, XML workflows to end-to-end production management systems,
they have helped solve challenges such as multi-media publishing, reader engagement and publishing frequency for companies like Pearson, Times of India, Business Standard, India Today, Om Books, Network 18 and many others. “Product innovation, internal training on new technologies and a strong commitment to quality keeps us ahead of the curve”, adds Akal. This factor played a major role in acquiring a project from the Mauritius Government to build a digital assembly system in 2013. As the solution created multiple efficiencies, it was showcased as the best practice success by the Mauritius National Assembly to other nations. Giving the credit to the in-house research team, Clavis takes pride in a separate division it has created called ClavisLab. This team does research on cutting edge technologies for better development and risk analysis in the foreseeable future.

Clavis Technologies expertise lies in digital publishing, mobile app development, and automation software

Clavis Technologies’ deepened its penetration into the Media and Entertainment industry with the launch of QuickReviewer– a cloud based collaborative review tool for designs and creatives. The tool allows subscribers to share designs with multiple stakeholders to obtain, and work on feedback and comments collaboratively. The reduced review cycle for creative end servicing teams has led to its increased adoption in the market. Teams are able to avoid tracking emails, multiple versions, handling conflicting comments and searching for approved designs. “Although QuickReviewer was designed and developed to be a ‘Creative Agency’ centric tool, industries such as publishing, government, pharmaceutical, BPO, FMCG, amongst others have also turned towards this software for their ad review requirements”, adds Akal. With a continued focus on mobile app development, Clavis is looking into more innovations in Automation, Internet of Things (IoT), and data security domains.